Sunday, July 29, 2012

Superintendents Lead The Way For Learning

I have accepted a position as a superintendent at a small, rural school.  We have several areas from improving the quality of instruction,improving student learning, and addressing a declining enrollment that need to be addressed to ensure sustainability.  Developing an action plan was one of the first things I did to guide our efforts.  Providing opportunities for teacher growth is imperative to our improvement efforts as outlined in my action plan.  Core is the need to design learning around the use of technology.  Enter our iPad initiative called, "When I Say iPad, You Say KaChow!".  On July 11-13th we attended an iPad Media Camp hosted by Dr. Wesley Fryer.  We learned how to create narrated slide shows, screen casts, videography, and interactive writing to create eBooks.  Linked is a picture of the iPad Media campers.  Superintendents are the leaders within a school district. Sadly, our state leadership is focused on eliminating these crucial positions.  The Daily Oklahoman's Sunday edition, July 29th, dedicated an entire section on school consolidation, i.e. location and administrative duties.  I plan to chronical my path as a first year superintendent to document my efforts to lead a struggling district by clearly illustrating how influential and critical these positions are to not only small districts but to all districts.  Our iPad initiative is just a first step.  We are working to establish an adult literacy program, a Back Pack for Kids program, a head start program, a school beautification program, and increase federal entitlement programs that address learning needs for diverse learners of differing ethnicities.  These programs are essential to meeting the needs of our community, our residents.  Will someone tell me when we quit carrying about the needs of our neighbors and friends?   I guess superintendents didn't get that memo.  



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