Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Perpetual Salesman

I have never really considered myself a saleswoman.  However, similarities do exist between being a 21st century administrator and that of a saleswoman.  Consider this new term I ran across on Twitter this morning.  Scholar of change.  This phraseology suggests and supports the need to face head on the transformational shift from very, old outdated pedagogy to new student-centered digital platforms so relevant to the 21st century learner of today.  The Daily Oklahoman covered a story today regarding the $74 million grant from the U. S. Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration to bring and update telecommunications to Oklahoma's rural areas through a huge joint effort between Oklahoma Higher Ed's OneNet Division, Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services, and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. This will directly benefit schools, libraries, and hospitals.  Oklahoma's Higher Ed Chancellor, Glen Johnson, is quoted as saying, "Digital literacy is expected in today's workforce." I take this as a challenge to me, personally, as a 21st century educator and administrator.  It is my job to get our teachers ready who in turn will get our students ready.  The workforce needs people who are comfortable with the digital highway - how to get on and get off without getting lost.  Below is a livebinder with some neat ideas of how to incorporate technology into the classroom.  Why should we engage students with the use of technology?  This graphic visually details reasons why instruction must change.  Our students need to be met in new, innovative ways.  The workforce of today will require them to perform this way.  We're preparing a whole new workforce.  Our sails are high!!


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