Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good Info from COV Retreat May 8th, 2010

After attending the COV Retreat today, I wanted to share some of this random information:
1. YouTube has the ability to track/id copyrighted music and intervenes. They embed
an option to purchase the "pirated" music to discourage the use of copyrighted
2. Copyrighted material is ok to use if it is considered fair use.
3. If schools will type in their filtering system "" this will open
up sites/nings like the COV website/ning.
4. Always encourage (a) use homegrown material; (b) used public domain; (c) use
creative commons; (d) use copyrighted material as a last resort as long as it
uses fair use guidelines.
5. The premise that "If it can be copied, it can be used" is WRONG!!
6. The purpose of copyright is to encourage creativity. It is a balance between
creators and users.
7. Searching Google for images is best done by license, i.e. doing a creative
commons search on Google.
8. All schools according to my source will be responsible for teaching (including
in their curriculum)Internet Safety.

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